Complete Beginner Guide to Create a YouTube Channel

Complete Beginner Guide to Create a Youtube Channel  & YouTube Masterclass 2020
let’s start How to create a youtube channel
It’s very simple but I’m gonna give you some understanding some insights about the creation of the YouTube channel this is the thing that I’m going to show you right now.
So you have a Gmail account just log in to your mail account on your YouTube and that’s it right. Wrong 
You can have a personal YouTube channel and you can have a brand YouTube channel.
It’s usually people are creating a personal YouTube channel but I highly suggest you create a brand YouTube channel because it’s easier to control and to do that.
All you need to press is press your name right here and they’ll go down to settings you’re gonna press create a channel right here.

Here and then all you need to do is create a new channel going to press use the custom name


After that, it will ask you to enter the channel name you want to display so enter the youtube channel name you want

In my case, I named it as FIX my PC, you enter the name you want and click on create button and which will take you to the following screen
Upload the youtube channel logo and write the channel description
If you need any help for writing description click here
If you are facing any trouble in uploading channel icon click here
Now enter your social media links and click on save and continue

You can go and add a description with always press this strictly at Channel description and explain who you are and what your channel is all about one hundred percent always do that first before you’re going to go through anything just who you are and what your channel all about.


So it is very very simple to do that.

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We hope you the way which we described here to Create a Youtube Channel. According to us, this is the complete guide on How To Create a youtube channel for Beginners In 2020.

If you still have any questions in your mind please comment below. We will answer every question.

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