How to Earn Money Online with No Investment in 2020 from Mobile

Earn Money Online with No Investment in 2020

Earning money is essential to get closer to your dream (urge) life, there I am going to Introducing one of the solutions to your earning woes-“EarnKaro
EarnKaro is one of the most trusted platforms to earn money online with zero investment. This is one of the best websites for affiliate marketing.

They have added popular platforms on their websites like Amazon, Flipkart, AJIO, Myntra, Udemy, Adidas, Byju’s, Samsung, Tata Cliq, GoDaddy, and many more.

You can earn money by sharing your affiliate link with other people. Whenever someone from your affiliate link then, you will get some percent of commission according to their profit rates.

You can also earn money from referring friends to this platform

You can earn up to Rs. 30,000 per month via Earn-Karo by using following strategies

How to Make Profit Link and share through social media

  • Share Deals with your friends
  • Your Friends shop
  • You earn a profit (commission)
  • Transfer confirmed profit to your bank account

Follow these following steps to begin your journey of earnings

  1. Download the Earnkaro App
  2. Signup by filling basic details like mobile number, email id, and password, or simply log in using your Facebook account Then select the Start Earning tab
  3. Now you make profit links by following two ways
    • Go to any website which is associated with EarnKaro and find the product and then copy that particular product link and paste that link in the Make the Links tab and paste in and click on make profit link
    • Select the profit link is by choosing a product from the curated list on EarnKaro itself
  4. Once a transaction is made through the profit link which is shared by you in WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other social media, you will get the commission or profit. you can see all the transactions for yours in the history section at the bottom of the app.
  5. Now the amount i.e. the profit which you earned can be transferred to your bank account and Rs 10/- is minimum to request a bank transfer

Easy, Right? So, Sign Up on EarnKaro to begin earning

Earn Money from referring friends to this platform

Share your invite code & get 10% of the profit your friends make forever!

After Login in the desktop go to my profile → Refer and earn lifetime → invite friends

you can invite friends through by email or social media like (Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook..etc..) invite friends and earn 10% lifetime earning of your friend earnings

Earnkaro Magic Tool – Auto Posting On Telegram

“EarnKaro Magic tool” is used to post your profit link, and also used to convert other links to your links and you can also configure the telegram and bitly

You can convert the input links and you can share that links to WhatsApp and Facebook and also you can share other platforms along with schedule option

By the following Strategy, you can auto post on telegram by using the following steps

  1. Open EarnKaro Magic Tool – click here
  2. Signup by filling basic details like full name, email id, password, and mobile number
  3. Then, it will ask to enter the Earnkaro referral link as the final step so, copy referral link from the website as follow
    After Login in the desktop go to my profile → Refer and earn lifetime → copy the referral link from there and paste that link in the Earnkaro Mafic Tool
  4. Now you can see the Dashboard as below

Configure Telegram to the EarnKaro Magic Tool

  • Getting the bot token is the most important step of configuration (To know more How to get Telegram bot API token- Click here)
  • You will be using telegram’s botfather for this process.
  • To See How to get bot token click here.
  • Paste that API token and also paste the Channel Name(Note: Channel Name Must Contain @ at the start. Also please go through the guide steps before configuring by yourself. Guide
  • keep status enable and click on submit

Auto Post link to Telegram and Whatsapp

  1. Click on the converter in the Tool Manager
  2. Enter or paste the link in the Input Links in the format of Http:// or https:// and click on convert
  3. Now, the converted link can be shared to Telegram or Whatsapp or can set Schedular

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