Earning While Sleeping – 10 Amazing Passive Income Methods

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Welcome to this ultimate course on Earning While Sleeping – 10 Amazing Passive Income Methods

This course is very concise and giving you details about 10 passive income matters so I suggest to you to go through each and every Method very carefully
Passive income is the type of income that you earn even when you are not working. In this course, you will find 10 amazing ways to earn passive income that are:
1. Domain Flipping
2. Online Course Selling
3. E-books Selling
4. Stock Images Selling
5. Stock Videos Selling
6. Audio Books Selling
7. Blogging
8. YouTube Videos Creation
9. Podcasting
10. Mobile Apps Creation
This article is very concise and giving you details about 10 passive income matters so I suggest to you to go through each and every Method very carefully

What is passive income and what is not a passive income?

Passive Income

  •  In simple words, passive income is the type of income that you earn even when you are not working.
  •  for example, if you create a course and sell it you will earn money from your course and you created it only once. Now you only have to make an effort on marketing because your course is ready. You would need to spend a small portion of your time whereof advertisement through different mediums such as Facebook Instagram Google AdWords etc..That means you create a product or service once and work only on promoting it.
  •  Then you will be earning whenever someone buys your product or service. Even if you are sleeping just remember one thing. What you see is on sale. Hence you will always have to advertise if you want to generate any type of income.

What is not passive income?

  •  Let’s say you have products on Amazon. If you are making money through Amazon then it can not be considered as a passive income because each time a product is ordered you have to pack it and track the delivery also you will be needing a finite number of products or do the sale could be made when you are sleeping but you don’t have to work only on your marketing your product quality inventory management packaging is also required so we can’t include selling products on Amazon as passive in a condemnation matter

Whether you should create a website to generate passive income or not?

  •  That truth is better to have a website too for anything you want to do but if you are starting out then you should test other Web sites and understand how things work this will be all a mistake So if you don’t want to invest in that site creation then you will be able to learn in a better way as your time will be invested only in learning.
  •  You won’t have to think about Web site management also once you understand the model of generating passive income based on any of the methods I have given in the below then you can start your own Website.
  •  This will help you to not make the mistakes that you are likely to make. If you don’t try to learn through other Web sites even many successful people generate passive income through other Web sites instead of their own Web site so it is not necessary that you can not earn a good amount of money through other websites but the catch is you should learn the things first and work on the marketing
  •  The better you are at marketing the more you will earn just remember that no one creates perfect product or service every product or service needs improvement you just need to give your best when you create something in this way you will learn how to improve and succeed.

Domain Flipping

  •  Domain flipping simply means buying domains at a lower price and selling them at a higher price. The difference between these prices is your profit the best thing about domain flipping is it has very low investment and profit can be very very huge
  •  for example carinsurance.com was sold in 2010 at a price of 49.7 million dollars and there are many other domains that worth millions of dollars you can also buy any available domain and you never know maybe you can sell it at a very higher price.
  •  The most important thing is that you can buy a single domain at just around 10 dollars that means if you can invest one hundred to two hundred dollars then you will be having 10 to 20 domains
  •  Now if anyone of your domain will be sold at more than 200 dollars then you are covering the cost of all domains that you bought and also getting the profit the first thing you need to do in flipping domains is choosing the profitability niche and the best way to do it is searching for niches in Google Trends and analyze the demand suppose you find that natural remedies for stomach problems is a profitability niche so you should start searching for domains that will be easy to remember.
  •  This is very important to invest time in your research because this research will be the base for your success in Domains flipping.
  •  I suggest you always choose(.com extension) and remember that short domains are usually more preferred also you should try choosing great business names that people might be searching for, you have to understand the value of your domain and consider these Questions to search and fix its price. Think about
  1. Who might buy your domain?
  2. How much profit can you earn using that domain?
  3. How much money will be invested in advertising the domain?
  4. Whether it is a large business domain name or a small business domain name?
  •  These are some example questions you must consider before setting the sale price of your domain. I would recommend that you should understand the business behind the domain and the search for the investments and profits of that business in this way.
  •  You will be able to set a perfect price at which you should sell that domain for example a local business domain for a particular city should not be priced higher and then the international business domain must have a higher price.

How to promote your Domains?

There are many domain selling sites where you can list your domains but I would recommend to Domain Flipper
  1. Sedo
  2. GoDaddy
  3. Flippa
  4. Igloo
  5. BrandBucket
  •  Because these sites have used a number of buyers and sellers there is one more way to promote your domain that join Facebook groups in your niche,
  •  for example, you buy a domain for the online education industry then you should try to join all business groups that are related to the education industry if you find any. Just make sure that these groups are business groups not educational groups.
  •  Now you can promote your domains there it is not an easy task to get great domains but if you spend enough time on learning this art then you will succeed at it.
  •  Initially it will be difficult for you but it takes time to learn anything Buying great domains is a skill that will take some time you just need to have patience don’t just go and start buying the domains.
  •  It would be better if you study about it through YouTube and blogs then enter into this industry. It might be the case that you won’t be able to sell some of your domains and some domains might take years so you will have to wait and keep buying great domains. If you really want to do this I wish you’d become a millionaire.

The advantages and disadvantages of flipping domains.

Let’s start with the advantages

1. No experience needed

You don’t need any experience to flip domains as you know the flipping domains are just buying domains and selling them You don’t need to have experience in it.

2. Storage Space not required

You don’t need hard drive to storage or cloud storage to store domain names

3. Coding skills not needed

You don’t need coding skills Many people think that they cannot enter into the website business if they do not have any coding skills which is not true, practically you don’t need to have coding skills to start selling domains.

4. No shipping cost

There is no shipping cost to associated with selling a domain to any buyer you will just need to transfer your domain to the buyer also you don’t need to worry about the domain once it is transferred since domains are not actual products that are created hence the buyer will not ask you for any help after the sale.
Now let’s discuss their disadvantages

It requires investment

If you want to start selling domains then you have to buy the domains although this cost is not very low but if you don’t buy quality domains and don’t make any sales then you will face loss

Time taking

It is time taking you can not start buying and selling domains just like that. You will have to do proper research with having your prospective buyer in your mind
I hope you will keep these advantages and disadvantages in your mind if you start flipping domains

Profitable Domain Ideas

  1. The first idea is if you want to buy a domain for a specific geographical location then it must have the name of the location like newyork.com or india.com
  2. The second idea is if you want to buy a domain for an online learning platform then I suggest you use quality words in their domain if possible like qualitytesting.com If you want to teach testing skills or qualityK12.com if you want to teach school students. This is my personal advice because people tend to like things that are quality Therefore if you will have quality over in your domain name then more people are likely to prefer your domain
  3. The third idea is if you want to buy domains in technology then try to search for current technologies that are in demand or that are likely to be in demand.
  4. The fourth idea is if you want to buy a domain for future events then search for previous events and web websites so for those events. for example you can check all previous Olympic events websites to understand what type of domain names are registered by Olympic organizers.

You can buy a similar domains and try to connect with the organizers to close the deal. This is not restricted to the Olympics, there are many events that happen around the world. Also, you can search for industry-wise trends in Google search trends than buy the domains that you think is more likely to be in demand.

Online Course selling

Teach anything You want

The best thing is that you can teach anything you want but that must be practical whether professionally or personally if you are good at something you can teach that and if you are not good at something then you can learn anything of your interest and teach that don’t worry if you do not have teaching experience.

No experience No issue

I personally did not have any experience teaching online but learned by posting videos on my youtube channel So if I can do it you also can. The catch here is trying to answer all type of questions student may ask regarding a particular topic in a layman way in this way you will be able to create a great course


I am sharing two categories of websites for selling courses. First one is a marketplace and in this category the best two websites are
  1.  Udemy.com 
  2.  Skillshare.com S
  3.  Stackcommerce.com
In the second category, we have websites like
  1. teachable.com 
  2. thinkfic.com 
  3. learnworlds.com
  •  Using these websites. You can create your own course site and will be able to collect e-mail ids of your students which is important to run a longtime business but the difficult part is marketing. If you use marketplaces like Udemy you need to do marketing efforts but that marketing effort is more likely to pay you because Udemy is a brand and people trust it just understand this as Amazon and a local e-commerce website.
  •  Obviously you are more likely to trust Amazon than a local site also once you understand how it works then you can start collaborating with other instructors remember that you will have to create more courses and market them through all mediums.

The advantages and disadvantages of selling courses online.

Making huge profits.

If you become successful at selling online courses then you can make huge profits because you can sell one course to an infinite number of people, Therefore the profit will be huge.

Any Topic

You can create a course on any topic whether it is cooking data science, career guidance in IT, or anything else. So if you are good at anything you can create a course on it.

Collaboration facility

The facility to collaborate with other instructors. It is not possible that you can create courses on so many topics therefore you can collaborate with other great instructors and share the profits. This will be very good for earning a good amount of money but you need to make good relationships with instructors who are great at teaching.

Now let’s discuss the disadvantages of selling courses online.

Finding students is not easy

It is not easy to find these students who will be interested in your course. You will have to work on marketing through many mediums such as social media Google AdWords etc..

Requires a lot of work

You will have to spend a lot of time to create a good course but it worth it. If your course will be good enough you might become a bestseller and the sales will increase rapidly.

Low rate of returns

A very small number of people who will see your course landing page will buy it. Hence the rate of return is low. But you should not worry about it because in most of the online businesses the rate of return is low So there is nothing new and this is the reason we must have patience to earn a living Online
I hope you will keep these advantages and disadvantages in your mind if you start selling courses online.

Profitable Niche ideas for Online course selling

I will give you a list of niches to create online courses. Just remember that you can make a profit in all of these but the right marketing effort is necessary.
This list is a little long because it covers so many niches.I’m just naming these niches this will help you to match your course creation idea with the niches
So let’s start
  1. Digital painting
  2. Squarespace web design
  3. Web design business training
  4. Subscription box business
  5. Accounting
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Home decoration
  8. Facebook ads training
  9. Home staging
  10. Design software training
  11. Leather crafting
  12. Mindset work
  13. Career and resumes
  14. Coaching
  15. Virtual assistant training
  16. Food photography
  17. Academic writing
  18. Fertility
  19. Hairstylist training
  20. Handmade business training
  21. Yoga teacher training
  22. Programming & coding
  23. SEO training
  24. E-book publishing
  25. Photo organization
  26. WordPress websites
  27. Proofreading
  28. Auditioning
  29. Fashion design
  30. Self-care
  31. Gmail training
  32. Digital scrapbooking
  33. Building a website
  34. Repairing computers and networks
  35. Machine learning
  36. Artificial Intelligence
  37. Operating systems
  38. Cell phone repair
  39. Cybersecurity
  40. Robotics
  41. Software programming
  42. Selling handmade goods on Etsy
  43. Amazon FBA
  44. Dropshipping
  45. Blogging
  46. Freelancing
  47. E-commerce
  48. Business & entrepreneurship fundamentals
  49. Digital marketing
  50. Search engine marketing
  51. Branding
  52. Social media marketing
  53. Content marketing
  54. Advertising
  55. Calligraphy
  56. Knitting
  57. Carpentry
  58. Digital art
  59. Photography
  60. Graphic design
  61. User experience
  62. Game design
  63. Fashion
  64. Architecture
  65. Interior design
  66. Animation
  67. Diet and nutrition
  68. Meal planning
  69. Vegan cooking
  70. Cupping
  71. Acupressure
  72. Aromatherapy
  73. Massage
  74. Herbalism
  75. Meditation
  76. Home workouts
  77. Weight loss
  78. Muscle building
  79. Self-defense
  80. Swimming
  81. Running
  82. Sports
  83. Yoga
  84. Martial arts
  85. Survival skills
  86. Presentation skills
  87. Media training
  88. Instructional design
  89. Child psychology
  90. Starting a coaching business
  91. Teaching English
  92. Online course creation
  93. Writing website copy
  94. Storytelling
  95. Freelance writing
  96. YouTube video creation
  97. Podcast creation
  98. Time management
  99. Procrastination
  100. Organization
  101. Goal setting
  102. Speed reading
  103. Investing
  104. Life purpose
  105. Study skills
  106. Self-esteem
  107. Anxiety management
  108. Emotional intelligence
  109. Conflict management
  110. Confidence
  111. Body language
  112. Persuasion
  113. Negotiation
  114. Public speaking
  115. Test prep
  116. Resume writing
  117. Personal finance
  118. LinkedIn
  119. Video production
  120. Video editing
  121. Adobe premiere
  122. Color grading
  123. Live streaming
  124. Instagram marketing
  125. Critical thinking
  126. Personal branding
  127. Social psychology
  128. Counseling
  129. Economics
  130. Social science research methods
  131. Physics
  132. Chemistry
  133. Biology
  134. Data science and analysis
  135. Human anatomy and physiology
  136. Solar energy
  137. Radiofrequency
  138. Marine biology
  139. Microbiology
  140. Environmental science
  141. Genetics
  142. Thermodynamics
  143. Climate dynamics
  144. Disease
  145. Aerospace engineering
  146. Calculus
  147. Statistics
  148. Algebra
  149. Trigonometry
  150. Probability
  151. Quantitative reasoning
  152. Travel hacking
  153. Airbnb hosting
  154. Journaling
  155. Cosmetics
  156. Skincare
  157. Nail art
  158. Gaming
  159. Pet care and training
  160. Dance
  161. Gardening
  162. Decluttering
If you are good at any one of these then I suggest you must start working on your calls.

E-book Selling

  •  Don’t worry if you are not a writer.No one was when they started. If you want to become good at something you have to start doing it and if you continuously work on that then you will learn how to become good at it.
  •  E-book writing is an art that requires creativity.
  •  If you have any thoughts of writing something then you must start doing it. Although this is not easy but don’t underestimate yourself.
  •  If you will be able to publish a high-quality book then one book will help you earn a lot. The most important thing is focusing on high-quality content.
  • I’m sharing some websites where you can list your books and these are
  1. pyhip.com
  2. Selz.com
  3. Fiverr.com 
  4. Amazon.com(Kindle)
  5. Feiyr.com
  6. Blurb.com 
  7. Google Play and E-junkie.com

The advantages and disadvantages of selling e-books.


you have full control over what is inside your ebook. Since you are not writing for any institute or a company you can write whatever you want. Also you can design its cover according you

Pricing and Rights to publish

You can choose the price of your e-book on your own like you if you want to print and generate an audio form of your e-book and use them to increase sales.
Now let’s discuss the disadvantages of E-book selling 

Writing and editing Time

You will have to spend a lot of time to write and edit a great book also if you are not good at editing then you will have to hire an editor and that will cost you a lot but that depends on the size of your book.


You will have to invest so much time on marketing your book so you cannot take a risk to write a low-quality book because a low-quality book will not be sold and
you will fail in generating passive income.
If you want to write a book then consider these are advantages and disadvantages

Profitable Niche ideas for E-book Selling

  •  You can write an e-book in any of these Niches and make profits if you want to really succeed in e-book selling. Then you must write content that can be understood by a layman. That means anyone who reads your e-book gets your message very easily.
  •  This list is a little long because it covers so many niches.I’m just naming these niches this will help you to match your course creation idea with the niches
  • So let’s start
  1. Adoption
  2. Advertising
  3. Alzheimers
  4. Anger Management
  5. Anti-Aging
  6. Antiquing
  7. Anxiety
  8. Archaeology
  9. Arthritis
  10. Asthma
  11. Astronomy
  12. Back Pain
  13. Backpacking
  14. Beauty
  15. Becoming A Nurse
  16. Bird Training
  17. Boating & Sailing
  18. Bowling
  19. Boxing
  20. Camping and Hiking
  21. Ceramics
  22. Chronic Fatigue
  23. Classic Cars
  24. Cooking
  25. Copywriting
  26. Credit Problems
  27. Hemorrhoids
  28. Debt Management
  29. Decoration
  30. Depression
  31. Diabetes
  32. Divorce
  33. Dog Training
  34. Dropshipping
  35. Eating Disorders
  36. Gardening
  37. Golf
  38. Greenhouses
  39. Hair Loss
  40. Happiness
  41. Headaches
  42. Heart Disease
  43. Hiking
  44. Home Improvement
  45. Horse Racing
  46. Horses Training
  47. Confidence
  48. Budgeting
  49. Learning Languages
  50. Hunting
  51. Interior design
  52. Investing
  53. Knitting
  54. Landscaping
  55. Lawn care
  56. Life coaching
  57. Low-fat recipes
  58. Make money
  59. Marriage advice
  60. Martial arts
  61. Massage
  62. Memory improvement
  63. Mental health
  64. Motherhood
  65. Motivation
  66. Mountain Biking
  67. Muscle gain
  68. Mutual fund investing
  69. Organic food
  70. Parenting
  71. Pet problems
  72. Photography
  73. Pregnancy
  74. Psychology
  75. Public domain
  76. Rafting
  77. Real estate
  78. Remedies
  79. Running
  80. Scrapbooking
  81. Scuba diving
  82. Single parenting
  83. Skateboarding
  84. Skiing
  85. Skincare
  86. Snowboarding
  87. Stock investing
  88. Stop smoking
  89. Stop snoring
  90. Stress
  91. Surfing
  92. Swimming
  93. Tennis
  94. Time management
  95. Travel
  96. Wedding planning
  97. Wedding speeches
  98. Weight loss
  99. Weight training
  100. Woodworking
  101. Wrestling
  102. Yoga
If you are good at any one of these then I suggest you must start working on your e-book.

Selling Stock Images

  •  Stock images are the images that are licensed for specific users. for example, if you take an image and publish it on a stock images website then customers can buy it through the website by paying the fees.
  •  This fee is distributed to the photographer and web platform where it was listed. The benefit of the stock image is that businesses can save time and money that is involved in getting great images.
  •  Since a professional photographer or a graphic designer charges very high to create custom images and it is also time taking. Therefore businesses prefer to use stock images. The earning potential of stock images is not very high but if you create custom images depending on their demand then you can earn a good amount.
  • Also, nowadays it is not very difficult because almost everyone owns a high-quality camera phone so you can use that. Some Common websites where you can publish your stock images are
  1. shutterstock.com
  2. dreamstime.com
  3. contributor.stock.adobe.com and
  4. contributor.freepik.com etc..

The advantages and disadvantages of Selling Stock Images

Cheap & Quick

You can click stock images at a very low price and quickly. It is not necessary that you own a professional camera to do it.

Instant Selling

If somebody likes your stock image then he or she won’t take much time to buy it. Therefore your image is likely to get sold instantly just after the listing on the image selling website. If it is liked by a potential buyer.
Now let’s discuss the disadvantages of stock images


There is a lot of competition because everyone can do it easily you will find that people have taken a stock images on almost all types of niches and you will have to do something different that makes your images unique. Therefore it will become difficult but if you do it in the right way then your chances of growth are quite good as the need for stock images is growing.

Quantity of Images

  •  You will have to click thousands of images and two you might end up selling only a few of them.
  •  This is the truth behind selling stock images but it also depends upon your photography skills. If you are a good photographer then there is a higher likelihood of selling more images. Don’t be discouraged.
  •  If you work hard on your photography skills then you will get it even if it takes some time. Just remember that big things never happen easily.
If you want to sell stock images then keep these are advantages and disadvantages in your mind

Profitable Niche Ideas for Selling Stock Images

I will give you a list of profitable niches for stock Images.
So let’s started
  1. sport
  2. routine
  3. environment or nature
  4. lifestyle
  5. business
  6. travel
  7. medicine
  8. relationship
  9. textures
  10. birds
  11. faith
  12. diseases
  13. technology
  14. cartoons
  15. animals
  16. interior designing and
  17. art.
You can click images in any of these niches and you list them on these stock images publishing websites

Selling Stock Videos

  •  Stock videos are short videos that can be sold to filmmakers, video makers, documentaries, adverts, and other video creators because in general these videos are used in large videos stock video creators short clips to license their right to use.
  •  The objective of creating stock videos is to fit them in larger videos and these stock videos have the same flow as larger videos Therefore it is not easy to detect which part of the larger video was a stock video. The most common web sites where you can sell stock videos are
  1. storyblocks.com
  2. stock.adobe.com
  3. shutterstock.com and
  4. videohive.net

The advantages and disadvantages of Selling Stock Videos

Helps to create stories

The stock videos help to create a better story for you completely to because you can insert stock videos in your complete video at places where they can maintain the proper continuity. For example, if you are creating a funny video and one of your actors mentions Mr. Bean so you can insert a small footage of Mr. Bean cartoon in your complete funny video at the position where Mr. Bean was mentioned hence people who think that they are missing something in their video then they are likely to want to increase the length of their video then they are likely to buy stock videos.

Not difficult

It is not very difficult to create stock videos because they are of short lengths and there are many gadgets available to do it. You can also do the same with your computer by using a screen recorder.
Now let’s discuss the disadvantages of Stock Videos

Matching with buyers requirement

  •  It is not easy to create stock videos that match the buyer’s requirement. For example if I am looking for a stock with video to insert in my youtube video Introduction and the video introduction has a white background but after doing a lot of research I couldn’t find a stock with you that has a white background.
  • Therefore I am not going to buy stock videos that have any different background and I can create that video myself. This is one of the biggest problems and the videographers do not know about this. Hence you must be very careful about who your buyer will be so that you can create videos that are more likely to match the requirements of the buyer to do this you will have to research a lot about this industry.

Setting Price

It is difficult to set prices for the stock videos you must try to put an appropriate price for your stock videos since it is not a complete video. People won’t prefer to invest so much on this if they are not in a hurry also a very low price is not good because it makes people think that to quality is not good enough to try researching how to price stock videos in your niche.

Profitable Niche for Selling Stock Videos

I will give you a list of some profitable niches for stock videos.
  1. Gradient
  2. Close-ups
  3. POV or Points of View
  4. Establishing shots (establishing shots is the beginning of any new scene that is created to show the audiences where the action is taking place) For example, in front of a view of the building before showing the audience what’s going on inside
  5. Green Screen Videos
  6. Aerial footage
  7. Travel
  8. Food
  9. Sports
  10. Animals
  11. Lifestyle
  12. Drone footage
  13. Footage of people using social media apps that focus on video such as YouTube Facebook and Instagram
  14. Flat lay video animation
  15. Yoga
  16. Environmental concerns so like recycling
  17. Waste reduction
  18. Disasters
  19. Disaster relief and
  20. Eco-friendly transportation
  21. Artificial intelligence
  22. Kindness
  23. Social media
  24. Stars and
  25. 360 footage.
You can choose any of these niches and start creating or shooting videos

Audio Books Selling

  •  If you are thinking about bookselling then you can also record your books and sell them as audiobooks and if you already published your book then convert that into audio and take the benefit of audiobooks selling platform.
  •  Here I am sharing the most commonly used audio bookselling platforms that are used by many authors and these are
  1. acx.com
  2. sellfy.com
  3. awesounds.com
  • Also, you need to understand that all audiobooks have a higher price as compared to e-books so you must try this if you are already an author

The advantages and disadvantages of Audio Books Selling

Easy to create

You can clear them very easily you just need to have a recording device and that’s it.


Listeners can create multiple copies and save them for feature also it is easy to find audiobooks from an online library as compared to a book on a shelf.

User friendly

It is very user friendly when people get bored by e-books or books they can give break to their eyes and listen to audiobooks.
Now let’s discuss the disadvantages

Require technology

listeners will have to carry your device using them with they can listen to the audiobooks also if the download is not available then the users will need to access the Internet to listen.

Not possible for all subjects/topics

It is not possible to create audiobooks for all subjects. For example, if you want to create an audiobook to teach programming then it does not seem to be appropriate
A fiction or subject that does not deal with technical things would be a better option to create audiobooks.
If you want to sell audiobooks you just keep These are advantages and disadvantages in your mind.

Profitable Niche Ideas for Audio Books Selling

I will give you a list of some profitable niches for audiobooks. So let’s start
  1. Fiction
  2. Diet
  3. Motivation
  4. Spirituality
  5. Mindset
  6. Happiness
  7. Self-transformation
  8. Entrepreneurship
  9. Money management
  10. Investment
  11. Real estate and
  12. Language audiobooks.
You can choose all any of these niches and start recording your books or you can hire someone for recording


  •  Blogging is one of the oldest ways to earn passive income but it is not easy to build and the reason is that you will have to write a lot of meaningful content.
  • Also, the competition is very high because there are blogs available for almost all topics. So you need to write better content than the available content.

To do this I have two very strong tips that will help your search engine optimization for Google.


Lengthy posts & Sensible content

  •  The first tip is to write lengthy posts on your blog, That must have at least two 3000 words your content must make sense.
  •  That means your blog should be written in a storytelling way because of blogs that work well have a storytelling approach.
These two tips will work together because of the Google search algorithm search for meaningful and Lengthy content.


If you talk about earnings there are multiple ways to earn passive income through your blog and I am listing them here one by one.

Ad networks

There are ad networks that are the simplest and widely used method for monetizing a blog.
The two Ad networks which are most popular are:
  1. Google AdSense (Offered by Google)
  2. Media.net
You need to have a blog to get approval on these ad networks. They show ads automatically based on the context of your article and also based on user interest. Most of the new blogs use these methods to monetize as it gives recurring income. Since the ads shown are of high quality, they don’t affect the user experience.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, you can promote any product or service in your niche and the best thing is that you can get a lifetime marketing to this method. Also, since you are writing the content you want you can always edit and improve your blog and this will be very helpful to increase the length and quality of your blog.

Sell banner advertising space

You can sell banner advertising space on your blog to companies that are related to your readers.

Sponsored content

The third way you can write is sponsored content you can connect with companies that might have the same consumers as your readers and write an advertorial blog for them for a fee.
Lastly, I want to share common web sites to start writing blogs and these are
  1. Bloggers.com
  2. WordPress.com
  3. Medium.com
  4. Thumbler.com…etc
Also we have freelancing sites such as
  1. Fiverr.com
  2. freelancer.com and
  3. upwork.com
where you can find paid blogging work.

The advantages and disadvantages of Blogging

No time-bound

You can write a blog whenever you want There is no time bound for you. Also, you can write as much content as you want There is no restriction of work limits.

Update Easily

you can easily update your existing blog posts if you want to update or even completely change the content of any of your blog posts. Then it can be done very easily.
Now let’s discuss the disadvantages.

Income is not fixed

If you start earning from your blog post then it will not be fixed. Sometimes you might get huge profits and sometimes it will be very low. It totally depends upon the amount of effort you put into marketing your blog.

Requires very hard work

You will have to work very hard if you want to become a successful blogger because there is so much competition in blogging as there are more than 500 million blogs on the internet and almost all topics are covered. You will have to find your own way to stand out if you want to start blogging.

Profitable Niche Ideas for Blogging

I will give you a list of profitable niches for blogging.
The first one is the technology which is the most profitable among all then we have programming
  1. City guide
  2. Technology
  3. Cultural differences
  4. Language
  5. Diets
  6. Nutrition
  7. Remedies
  8. Mindfulness
  9. Self-care
  10. Skincare
  11. Yoga
  12. Weight class
  13. Gardening
  14. Art
  15. Writing
  16. Motorcycles
  17. Fishing
  18. Photography
  19. Fashion
  20. Makeup
  21. Self-defense
  22. Interior design
  23. Pets training
  24. Cooking
  25. Gaming
  26. Finance
  27. Pregnancy
  28. Parenting
  29. Education
  30. Career
  31. Social network and politics.
You can choose any of these niches and start writing your blog.
Write down your thoughts so based on your interest it is good to take inspiration from other blogs but your own thoughts will give your blog a personal touch and that may help you to grow.

Youtube Video Creation

  •  YouTube is a well known passive income generation platform and we have so many successful Youtubers around the world.
  •  You can also do it but to become a successful YouTube where you need to work hard and the most important thing is patience. Once you start working on your channel you will face so many challenges like
  1. which niche you should choose
  2. how to promote your channel.
  3. How to collaborate with other YouTubers and so on
I have three most important tips for you to grow a YouTube channel

1. Attractive channel page

You must good looking YouTube channel page and thumbnails of your videos must also be very attractive that makes people click on your videos.

2. Post quality content

The second tip is similar to blogging just like blogs YouTube videos should also have high-quality content because content is king. If your thumbnails are good looking but your content is of low or average quality then people won’t invest time on your video therefore your channels watch time will be reduced and you are more likely to fail. I would suggest you watch some videos of YouTube channels that help people on growing our YouTube channel.

3. Be Consistent

Be consistent with your videos even if you are not getting views if you will continuously work on improving your channel then you will get success.

The advantages and disadvantages of Youtube Video Creation


There are many advantages of creating YouTube videos like you can reach millions of people. You can earn money through affiliate marketing and sponsored videos. Also you can sell your own products and services through your channel.
On the other hand there are also some disadvantages of creating YouTube videos.

Subscribers contact

You cannot get the contact details of your hard-earned subscribers that can be very useful for you. If you want to start something new and

Niche Research

It is very difficult to become a star in any niche because YouTube has videos on almost every topic you will have to do proper research to start your own channel. I suggest you do this on YouTube experts. If you really want to start a channel.If you really want to start a YouTube channel just give.
These are advantages and disadvantages in your mind

Profitable Niche Ideas for Youtube Video Creation

I will give you a list of profitable niches to create YouTube videos.
  1. Unboxing
  2. Technology and gadget reviews
  3. Gaming
  4. Lifehacks
  5. Top X number lists (you can replace X with any number)
  6. Fail compilations
  7. Health and fitness tips
  8. Local or world News
  9. Food reviews
  10. Restaurant reviews
  11. Cooking
  12. Kitchen hacks
  13. How-to videos
  14. Spoof
  15. Makeup
  16. Comic and superhero
  17. Travel vlogging
  18. Security cams
  19. Comedy
  20. Fashion and style tips
  21. Haircare & hairstyle
  22. Horror
  23. Sports
  24. Do it yourself(DIY) crafts
  25. Drawing & sketching tutorials
  26. Baby videos
  27. Pets and animals
  28. Behind the screen videos
  29. Educational
  30. Car and bike reviews
  31. Challenges
  32. Interviews
  33. Digital marketing
  34. Blogging
  35. Yoga
  36. Animated stories
  37. Software training
  38. Daily vlogging
  39. Motivational and inspirational
  40. Gardening tips and tricks
  41. Lifestyle advice
  42. Book reviews
You can do any of these niches and search for your computers and analyze their videos Then start creating your videos.


  •  Podcasting is a self-produced audio series and it is similar to YouTube videos. If you want to become a successful broadcaster then you have to be consistent.
  •  Once you have a sufficient amount of listeners to your podcast then earnings will not be a problem but just to remember that podcasting does not provide the option to connect to your AdSense account with your podcast.
  • That does not mean that you can not earn a good amount of money. There are different ways to earn money through podcasts and these are
  1. Podcasting Sponsorships
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Selling your books
  4. Selling audiobooks and
  5. new crowdfunding. (That means asking your listeners to support you by paying some money.)
The most common websites all the podcasts are broadcasted are
  1. podcast.co
  2. podbeans.com
  3. spreaker.com and
  4. buzzsprout.com

The advantages and disadvantages of Podcasting

Anyone can do it

Anyone can do it There is no restriction on creating podcasts just like the YouTube videos and blogging

Easy creation

It can be easily created you just need an audio recorder and an audio editing software also the editing of podcasts is easy as compared to video editing.
let’s discuss the disadvantages 

No internet- No podcast

You can not reach out to people who do not access the internet for example if you want to reach out to people who are older than 60 years then there is less chance that you will reach them because most of the older people are not very handy with the Internet.

Searching within a podcast- not possible

That is not easy to search directly within the podcast files like we can move back and forth in the YouTube videos and it becomes less useful if you really want to do podcasting then just keep these are advantages and disadvantages in your mind.

Profitable Niches for Podcasting

Some podcasting Niches in which there is a high likelihood of getting success. The first question is how to choose a niche for your podcast?
And the answer is you should choose something that you personally care about because this will help you to create content in a way that won’t bother you and you will not lose interest after selecting your Niche you should pick a sub-topic in which people might be interested in or it is better If you look at to your competition and figure out the content they haven’t covered or tried to present the of available content in any unique way that attracts people. Also try to do some market research to understand your listener’s liking,
  1. What they like?
  2. What they want?
  3. What they need?
  4. Most importantly how they are currently listening to podcast?
If you can do this and talk to some listeners who are already listening to podcast your niche then you will be able to figure out too what are the pain points of listeners and what type of content you should create for them. There is one more thing you should consider while deciding your podcast niche e.g. it should not be very competitive. If you can not create unique content because in this way you are more likely to disappear in the ocean of podcasts every easily or it will take so much time to become successful.
Here I am giving you some high competitive niches and some low competitive niches.

Niches where you will find all very high commission

  1. Comedy
  2. News and politics
  3. Society and culture personal journals
  4. History and science and medicine

Niches where you will find all very high commission

  1. Management
  2. Marketing
  3. Professional
  4. Sports and recreation
  5. Performing Arts
  6. Business
  7. TV and film
  8. Investing
  9. Literature
  10. Kids and family and
  11. Self-help.
Now I am going to list some podcast ideas that will be helpful and you can create your podcast on these ideas. If you have expertise on the same

1. Creating podcasts on book summaries.

If you are a reader of fiction or non-fiction then you can create a podcast by summarising the books and sharing the key points of the book. This will be a time saving for people and very helpful.

2. Create podcast about training

Create a podcast too about training people on hiking camping or boating or you can share other experiences based on these activities on your podcast.

3.Create podcast on pets

 The third idea is you can create a podcast on pets but these pets should not be common. Like many people own a dog or a cat but very few are there who owns a snake. So if you own a pet who is different and generally not owned by people then use your experience with your pet to create a podcast.

4. Creating a podcast on crafting.

If you are a crafter of anything then you can create a podcast on your craft and ask some common crafting arts are
  1. Ceramics and glass crafts
  2. Fibre Channel
  3. Textile crafts
  4. Flower crafts
  5. Leatherworking mixed
  6. Media crafts
  7. Needlework paper crafts
  8. Woodcrafts
  9. Stone crafts
  10. Jewelry making and
  11. Metal crafts.

5. Creating a podcast on wedding planning.

If you are a wedding planner then you can share your experience with listeners and teach them the mistakes they should not make while planning their wedding. This is one of the great idea because almost everyone failed to create the perfect wedding planner and most people miss something

6. Giving details about the network of celebrities.

People love to know about two influential people especially about two things
how much money they own?
The cost of their house?
What kind of cars they drive etc..

7. sailing

If you are a sailor then you must be aware of the fact that sailing requires a specialized knowledge and if someone wants to learn sailing then it takes a lot of time and the good thing in this idea is if you create your podcast on sailing then you will not find so much competition So there is a greater likelihood of succeeding.
I hope you will use these tips and ideas for your podcast

Creating Mobile apps

  •  Creating apps you must be having apps in your phone that you use on a daily basis or often and you also see ads in those apps. The good thing is you can also create an app and earn money through Admob or advertisers or you can promote your own product or services through your app if you do not know coding then it’s okay.
  • There are many app creation websites that will help you to create apps. If you don’t have any coding experience and the best among all is Kodular.io and appsgeyser.com because they do not charge anything.
  •   Since apps are like websites and can be used by anyone in the world you need to be creative and focus on the Niche of your app, apps will give you leverage to reach anywhere in the world. But there is a lot of competition in this market. So the best thing is to create your app for people who already love to use a similar app.
  •  For example, if you figured out that people download pub game  at a higher rate then you can create another game app similar to the PubG But just add a few different functionalities that you personally think were missed in the PubG app
  • This will make a huge impact on the users. I’m just giving you an example of PUBG because it is a well-known game around the world. You can consider any app based on your interest. Also, remember that if you want to publish your app in play store or any other app store then they will charge their fees.

The advantages and disadvantages of Creating apps

There are advantages and disadvantages of creating. Depends on the type of app you create and how the users use your app for example if you create an app to check IQ level then it will be good for people who want to check their IQ but If your app is lacking some functionalities that users might like then it will be a disadvantage and you will not see many downloads.

Now let’s discuss the financial benefit of creating an app.

Suppose you create an app on motivation then your chances of earning a good amount of money are high because people want to be motivated. Similarly, you can create jokes app or health tips app etc..I would suggest you download your competitor’s app and then analyze what you should do. If you want to create an app just give these advantages and disadvantages in your mind.

Profitable Niche for creating apps

I will give you a list of profitable niches for creating apps.
  1. Gaming
  2. Educational
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Entertainment
  5. Productivity
  6. Utility
  7. Travel
  8. Parenting
  9. Motivation
  10. Whether
  11. Puzzle and word apps
  12. Very highly profitable days social media.
If you have any different app ideas then try to execute it. I have just shared only those images which are high in demand.

Marketing strategy

We will discuss the marketing strategy you should use to market your product or service that you will create by any of the passive income methods I have given in this Article

Create your ideal customer avatar

Create your ideal customer avatar whether you are selling e-books or stock images. You must be very clear about who will be your customer. What are their frustrations, needs, and desires?

How to differentiate from competitors?

The second thing is to analyze your competitor’s product or service then determine how you will differentiate your product or service from your competitors It would be great if you run a small survey to an audience who use the same product or service as yours and ask them what they find different in your product or service.

Keyword research.

It is very very important too that you apply search engine optimization. If you want to earn money online. Therefore proper keyword research will be required.

Email list building

You must start building an email list even when you have not started creating your product or service.

Social media profiles optimization

you should optimize all your social media profiles to showcase your skills because you never know who might find you through social media and you get a break.


If you can host a live webinar on a particular topic in your niche then do it and share some of your best products or service because this will build trust among people.

Answer on Quora

 find the relevant Questions on Quora and answer them.
Don’t try to directly sell on Quora but definitely add a link to your product or service in your Quora Bio

Start a Facebook & LinkedIn Group

Creating Facebook and LinkedIn groups. People search for so many things on Facebook and LinkedIn therefore creating a Facebook group and Linden group will help you to reach more people but it takes some time just to follow these steps to market your product or service and I am supremely confident that you will start generating passive income.
Always remember there too you have to experiment with your product or service. For example Facebook is a social media platform. So Google today to the show to start their own social media platform and they launch to Google Plus but it failed in the same way you might fail but you don’t stop experimenting because if you really stop experimenting then you will never succeed for you.

Bonus Tip

This is the bonus tip I will give you a list of Few more digital products so that you can sell online.
It includes
  1. PowerPoint/keynote presentation templates
  2. 3D models
  3. Plugins
  4. Website Themes and
  5. Code snippets.
Thanks everyone and good luck with your journey towards earning passive income.

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