Youtube SEO: 5 Fundamental Facts about YouTube’s Ranking Algorithm

I would like to talk with you about five fundamental facts about the YouTube algorithm and about the YouTube search engine. There are a couple of things that you need to know about YouTube which no one to talk with you about these things. Here now in this article.

Let’s get started
  1. The longer the video the better
  • Produce longer Videos
  • Create Videos that are longer than your competition
  • Promote long videos as free courses or boot camps

2. Click-through Rate (CTR)

      3. Every share improves the ranking of the video.
      4. YouTube loves a Back links from Edu Web site.
      5. There are always subjective factors you can’t  control

#1 The longer the video the better

Produce longer Videos

I know this sounds actually quite unprofessional if I say that but if your video is long it’s probably going to beat all the other videos.

Now why is this the case?

  • YouTube likes long videos because they can put more ads into these videos and especially if you’re in tutorials. If you’re into documentaries or something like that.If for instance you create an amazing video that is an hour-long or one or one and half hours long or perhaps even longer and people watch 20 or 30 ads in that video your CPM is gonna be incredibly high as a YouTube.
  • But also YouTube is going to make a lot of money because Let’s for instance say there would be only two a three minute long videos and there would be perhaps one ad in the beginning and then there would be no other ad in the entire video. But if for instance, people watch a video that is 20 30 minutes long and they are really interested in that. Of course you can put multiple ads in that so YouTube of course once longer videos and thus they also rank these videos much higher.
  • So when for instance you look let’s say for what price tutorial you’re probably not going to find videos which are like 10 minutes long all the way at the top but rather you’re going to find like one-hour tutorials or two-hour courses or even like five-hour masterclasses because these videos really make a lot of money.
  • There are a lot and a lot of ads in those videos and YouTube of course ones that as well. So what is some advice in order to get longer videos to produce more longer videos? Well the first one is just simply to produce longer videos.

I mean it’s just simply you gotta create longer videos.

Now this is one of this advice where I’m not 100 percent sure whether I should give you that advice or not because just because long videos perform better does not mean that you should create long videos simply there should be good content in it. “Content is King”
create videos that are longer than your competition.
  • So just because long videos make sense doesn’t necessarily mean that your video must be let’s say an hour-long or two hours long and perhaps even five hours long or something like that. There are lots of niches where there aren’t any good videos yet and there might be a lot of videos that are quite short and you can differentiate yourself from the others by just producing a video which is a bit long.
  • Let’s say they’re only 10-minute videos may put up a 30-minute video that would be a way how you can basically you know be someone else or be someone who’s perhaps you know who might rank better because your videos are longer and then hopefully your video is actually going to rank better because your video is longer.

Create Videos that are longer than your competition

  • To create videos that are longer than off your competition so just go on Google type Keyword whatever you want to make a video about and then have a look at the videos that are already published in this niche.
  • If you realize that these videos are pretty short then create a video which is longer like generally, the rule would be here to look at the length of these videos create an average time or pretty much just you know to put down the longest time that a video is long and then create a video which is longer and then you will have a longer video in that image which of course only look at the videos on the first page don’t necessarily like analyze the first 20 pages because maybe on page 19 there is a three hour video and you’re like Okay and I’ll get a credit file for our video or five or a video that of course does make a lot of sense.

Promote long videos as free courses or boot camps

  • There’s actually a strategy that works pretty well. If you have a huge video don’t just call it like and say I don’t know like it don’t give it a normal title.
  • What I would rather do is for instance I would say like WordPress free course or WordPress Boot camp the complete a to z course on this or that makes sense because if for instance your video is just tied like a video people will assume as just like every normal video. But if for instance it’s called boot camp or course something like that. People expect this to be a video where they don’t necessarily just watch the video all the way through but rather where they have to watch it a long time like over a couple of weeks and where they perhaps just want to you know do step after step. There will be one strategy that works pretty well.
  • Now of course it only makes sense to produce long videos if people are actually watching those videos. So what I would recommend you to do is to have some kind of table of content in the description of the video with timestamps. To create this table of content with timestamps and then if for instance people want to watch a certain path of course they can go down there click on these timestamps and then they will end up at that certain point in the video that makes the video I think much more interactive.
  • That helps you to get people watching but also at the same time it’s just gonna make it easier again especially if you’re creating a lot of long videos. It will be a main complain complaint that people have that your videos perhaps are too long or that your videos for instance just feature too much content and that people don’t really know how to navigate these videos so make sure that you have some kind of table of contents.

Click-through Rate (CTR)

This one is an important one because what we want to think about is how can we get people to click on our video.
  • It’s not necessarily social proof in this case it’s rather the thumbnail. People look at the thumbnail and they say this is an amazing thumbnail up.I’m interested in that. So the decision is based of course on the title of the video but also on the thumbnail and this is where the click-through rate comes into play. So this is why it is so important. So people then click on the thumbnail because they’re interested in this certain video. And of course by clicking on the video YouTube marks that as someone who’s interested in that video.
  • So whenever people go on YouTube and search for a certain Keyword and click a certain video there is a certain internal ranking system that you to pass. So the video that gets clicked not necessarily the most but for a search gets clicked the most in certain given time frame that video will be pushed up. And if a video is not clicked for some time it will be pushed down.
  •   So that’s why some videos with very little views go basically are up there because again people click on them because they’re interested in the topic they see the thumbnail they like the thumbnail and not necessarily because it has very little views. No they will actually not be the reason people click on it because the thumbnail is great and that’s why the click-through rate of that video is good. So make sure that your thumbnail is good. have a look at how to create an amazing thumbnail.

watch the video for more info:

Every share improves the ranking of the video.

  • This is also one thing that people really underestimate. Most YouTube’s tell their subscribers to like and to for instance comment on the video but these are only two things like you can of course also ask your followers to click the bell notification or to do this or to do that but very little YouTube actually shows how to share a video.
  • So what I would recommend you do is to show people how to share a video because YouTube ranks shares much higher than likes and people are always to like they’re always going to like your video or dislike the video but sharing is something that takes some extra effort. Now why sharing so important.
  • Well of course it creates back links if you let people share your video then they can take the video put up on Facebook or put up on their Web site and put it up anywhere they want. Then they have content on their Web site that other people can click and of course by having content on the Web site it created a back link for your video. So you now have a back flip to another Web site and thus YouTube will say all right this is you know based on authority the most important video in this niche.
  • We are going to rank this higher on YouTube so emphasize the point that people should share your video not just that they should like the video or common but rather let them share the video.

YouTube loves a Backlinks from Edu Web site.

If you control an Edu Web site or if you can you know buy an Edu Web site do so because YouTube absolutely loves when there is a backlink from an Edu website to the YouTube video because that adds a lot of credibility to the video. Make sure that if you have an Edu Web site or you get your hands on your website that you actually put up a couple of youtube videos of your own there.
(if you don’t have Edu website still it’s okay we can rank videos using remaining strategies, Edu is just additional benefits to it)

There are always subjective factors you can’t  control

There are always subjective factors you can’t control. This is something that people really underestimate. Of course you can do YouTube videos of course you can you know even buy your way by yourself into YouTube stardom you can do a lot of things but they are always subjective factors. Sometimes people just don’t want to watch movies or sometimes it’s just connected to luck the people watching the video.
So don’t necessarily freak out if something is not working. There’s always luck and there’s always this uncertainty as to why a video rings very well or why it does not.
All right
Thank you so much for reading and I hope we can see each other in the next one.

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