Increase 10x your YouTtube CPM & Improve Your Video ranking


In this article I would like to show you which keywords on YouTube pay the best. So lets for instance say you said these keywords as the Increase YouTube  CPM  for your video you are going to make much more money than if you would send keywords.
I want to show you how to optimize how to improve the keywords and how to make sure that your videos meet the right advertisers.


What is CPM?

 CPM stands for Cost per mil which means just in just easy terms how much money you’re making for 1000 clicks.
On average YouTuber gets around two to four dollars for 1000 clicks. There are some Youtube use that make around one dollar per thousand clicks There are some Youtube boasts that make even less but there are also YouTube works that make around 40 to 50 dollars per person 1000 clicks on YouTube.
So for sure you get this type of Questions in your brain: 
  • How can I get there and increase CPM?
  • How can I make sure that I make more money with my YouTube videos?
  • At the same time how can I make sure that the advertisers will find me and will choose me to put their advertisements on?

Well what we want to do is this. We want to connect two things with each other. We want to make sure that we find in-demand keywords but also at the same time that we find the most expensive advertising keywords because of course they use us and they advertise us

In the middle of our creators What do users want? What do the advertisers want and what should we create in order to fit both. Now if you, for instance, say I don’t want to make videos about these certain things that advertisers really want you to make videos about that’s absolutely no problem
We should have these two circles one being in-demand keywords. The other one being the most expensive advertising keywords and then both together should be our keyword.

So what are the most 10 expensive keywords?

Well here they are
These are actually the top-selling of the most expensive keywords since 2006 teens. So right now when I’m writing this cause it’s 2020. But this is since 2016.
These were the most profitable ones so it’s probably not going to happen that business services are gonna you know just you know that the amount just goes down to 20 dollars and some like that but it will probably remain like that because this is the. These are the most profitable ones over now four years are pretty much four and a half years. So when for instance you put them into your keywords you’re probably going to make much more money
watch out this video for more info:

we find in-demand keywords and just mix them with the most expensive advertising keywords and these again together should be your keywords so use the strategy that we talked about in the last article where you check out Google and try to analyze which keywords are in demand but then at the same time make sure that you connect that with these keywords right here

I hope you find this advice helpful.
Let me know thank you so much for reading and I hope we can see each other in the next article

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