Keyword Research for SEO: All you need to know(2020) to optimize traffic

Keyword Research & Optimizing Organic Traffic | SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2020

Would you like to optimize your YouTube channel and rank videos more quickly? And do you want to gain more views, impressions, and subscribers? Then this course is for you.
Gain More Subscribers, Improve Your YouTube Video SEO & YouTube Audience Retention and Become a YouTube SEO expert using this article keyword Research and Optimizing
I would like to talk with you about YouTube keywords and I would like to show you how to optimize them here in this article we’re going to talk about four different topics

Keyword Search Terms

We don’t need to work with any kind of tool to find this out. Just follow steps below
  1. Open Google Website and just type keyword (Enter the topic you want to search for)
  2. Couple of suggestions will be listed as shown below
  3. What I would do in my case is I wouldn’t go for the first keyword because the first keyword again is the one that is being clicked the most. This one is heavily dominated by some massive YouTube’s if you are a small YouTube and he just is starting out and you want to get some friction you want to get people to click your videos then what you want to do is you not want to go for the first one but rather go for one below.
  4. lower keywords are more likely to get demand in future



Why is keyword research important for SEO?

Keyword research in SEO is as important as oxygen in human living. It’s the first step for developing successful SEO for your Youtube/website. It helps to get a targeted audience for your youtube/website through the search engine. It is the most important part to choose relevant keywords for your Youtube or blog to reach relevant people

Placing of Keywords

where can we place our keywords?
Because there are some obvious places where we could place our keywords but they’re more places we could add our keywords in 2020.
keywords are added in the following felids
  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Words you say in the video (must look this new trick to rank )
  • Name of the upload file and image ( off-page SEO)


we can add our keywords to the video title that is a pretty basic one. Now there’s one thing on YouTube which is quite interesting and most people don’t really think about this. If for instance you structure the video titled what you want to make sure is that the first word of your video title characterizes what the video is all about. you should put that keyword as the first keyword in the title.
you got the keyword multiple times in there but also at the same time the keyword that characterizes the video is the first keyword in the title of the first word in the title.


The video descriptions that you want to do is you don’t just want to add one keyword but actually multiple keywords the many the more keywords you add the better rank the video. what you also want to make sure is that you’re using synonyms.

One thing that I would make sure is that you think about how people could express what they are looking for. So try to reverse engineer the situation and think about what your customer what the person that is supposed to click your video might be looking for. So at these kinds of keywords to the video title at these kinds of keywords to the video descriptions


place all the keywords gathered in the tags so that it helps us to rank better

Words you say in the video :

“While Recording your video try to use as many keywords as you can in the first 60 secs” 
Why is this so important?
Because YouTube tracks the first 60 seconds off your video.
Why are they doing that?
Well of course they want to make sure that you’re not using any curse words.YouTube put that rule in place in order to make sure that for instance if someone is cursing that these words you know that this video will be demonetized but it also works the other way around.
If for instance, you put in the first 60 seconds terms which are very relevant and that are relevant to the video and that are keywords then YouTube will rank your video for that keyword and they’re going to make sure of course that you don’t have any curse words in there. So make sure that in the first 60 seconds you have no curse words at all.
I would recommend you, in general, to not use any curse words but also in the first 60 seconds to make sure that you have your keywords in there because YouTube is tracking that and they will add these keywords of course to the transcript later on on the video.
And if for instance in the first 60 seconds off the transcript there are terms that characterize the video that is similar to the title of the video then your video is going to rank better.
That is one of these hacks that probably most of most YouTube is don’t know yet but this is a new change and I would really recommend you to work with us.

Name of the upload file and image ( off-page SEO)

Make sure your uploading files also named with same keywords which we used in your title
when your video Title, Description, Tags, and Thumbnail and upload file are named with same keywords
Youtube ranks your videos for that keywords

Split-Testing Keyword

one more strategy which I find incredibly important and that is split testing keywords. If for instance you upload a video and the video doesn’t get clicked change the keywords like that fence and say you upload a video about YouTube as you and no one clicks for that topic well then make sure that you’re changing that term.
Is it possible that this video then will get more clicks and if it does you know that you’re doing something right? So split test the keywords make sure that you’re changing them that you then basically have a look at how the video stats change and if the stats change then of course you know you’ve done something right. If they don’t change you want to change again a couple of keywords in certain places.
watch out this video for more info

Step by step strategy

  1. Search the keyword by using Google and Youtube
  2. Analyze the keyword and select the low demand keyword
  3. Place the keywords in Title, Description, Tags, and Thumbnail and upload file are named with same keywords
  4. If the video does not rank then go for split-testing
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