How to use Cerberus to track another phone ?

How to use Cerberus to track another phone

Cerberus is marketed as an anti-theft program so that you can track down your Android phone if it’s ever lost or stolen. However, while smartphone users see an anti-theft tool.
As an anti-theft tool, Cerberus offers all the features that we’ve come to expect of a good RAT, including locating the device, backing up your data, locking, or changing the PIN, wiping data(if needed), and taking photos(using your phone camera). All of this and more can be done from any web browser or by sending special SMS text commands.
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How to control Cerberus Remotely?

You can control Cerberus from the web dashboard or by sending SMS commands from another phone. Remote control from the web dashboard works only if the device is connected to the internet, if it’s not connected you can only control it with SMS commands (see the section below).

process to uninstall the app

You have to disable Device Administration if you want to uninstall Cerberus. Open the app, log in, and tap ‘Status: Enabled’ under Device administration. After that, you will be able to uninstall Cerberus.
If that does not work, do this on the device:
Settings -> Security -> Device Administrators -> uncheck Cerberus
– Settings -> Apps -> All -> Cerberus -> Uninstall
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