Keyword Research | The Beginner Guide to YouTube SEO 2020

Keyword Research | The Beginner Guide to YouTube SEO 2020

In this article, I would like to share with you two more incredibly easy strategies for optimizing your YouTube Channel along with Keyword Research and Optimizing organic Traffic keywords.
The first thing that we got to do is we gotta go to Google and search what we want a video to make about.
So for instance in this article, we want to make a video about making money online and then we see that there are lots and lots of options right here.

let’s say we want to make money online keyword
Then what we have to do in order to find out how many search results for this one topic there is we have to then go to Google and we have to type in make money online site:youtube.*



So it shows the results only from youtube for the entered keywords. here the result for the entered keyword is 16,30,00,000(as of this article posted date)
So let’s compare this with something else like make money online by selling photos let’s enter as follows in Google make money online  by selling photos site:youtube.*

also analyze YouTube and this one has 55,500 results(as of this article posted date)
To make money online keyword was actually much much much much bigger than make money online  by selling photos 
So maybe it is good to go for a topic which doesn’t really have a lot of search results.
Only 55,500 which is very very low.

watch out this video for more info

Now why is this so important?

Well of course YouTube is a global platform, There are millions actually billions creators. I think of videos on there. So what we got to make sure is that we stand out and this is a topic that is popular as YouTube already tells us it’s popping up when we type in make money online.
But make money online by selling photos keyword it’s a topic which is not very popular out of these topics which are already popular.
So there’s probably more demand in the future to make money online  by selling photos keyword


Use low competition keywords if you are small youtube and beginner because there’s probably demand in the future to that keywords
I hope you find this advice helpful.
Let me know thank you so much for reading and I hope we can see each other in the next article

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