YouTube SEO 2020:14 Strategies You Should Care for Youtube SEO

Would you like to optimize your YouTube channel and rank videos more quickly? And do you want to gain more views, impressions, subscribers Improve Your YouTube Video SEO & YouTube Audience Retention and Become a YouTube SEO expert? 
If yes then you are in the right place. Here we are sharing the complete tutorial on youtube SEO how to rank #1 on youtube for beginners 2020
In this article, we will cover all the information starting from basic to advance on youtube SEO for beginners step by step
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What exactly will you learn in this YouTube SEO for beginners to Advance Guide?

  • Optimize your YouTube channel and rank videos more quickly
  • Gain a competitive edge by understanding the YouTube search engine and algorithm
  • Set tags to increase your CPM and improve the video’s overall ranking
  • Gain more views, impressions, and subscribers by applying 14 powerful YouTube SEO strategies listed below
YouTube SEO 2020:14 Strategies You Should Care for Youtube SEO

YouTube SEO 2020: 14 Powerful YouTube SEO Strategies

The following are the Strategies Click on Title to View

Category/ SectionsStrategies Click on Title to get full info
Keyword Research and OptimizationStrategies #1Keyword Research & organizing organic Traffic
Strategies #2Keyword Analysis
Strategies #310X your CPM and improve your Ranking
Audio Recognition & Transcripts on YouTubeStrategies #4The 60 Seconds Rule (new)
Strategies #5Youtube video description SEO
Strategies #6Retention & How to Keep People Watching
Video Comments Influence on RankingStrategies #75 Fundamental Facts about YouTube’s Ranking Algorithm
Strategies #8How to make Viewers Leave More Comments on Your Videos
Strategies #9Like and Dislikes & Their Effect on the Ranking of Your Video
YouTube Back Link Building Strategies #10BackLinks building on Quora
Strategies #11BackLinks building on Medium
YouTube ThumbnailsStrategies #12Creating an Eye-Catching Thumbnail
Optimizing your YouTube ChannelStrategies #13Optimizing your YouTube Channel Description
Strategies #14Adding Channel Keywords

In detail about Category and section in the above table

Keyword Research & Optimization:

  • What are the keywords?
  • what keywords do advertisers pay the most?
  • How can we find relevant but not overused keywords for our niche?
  • How can we analyze YouTube to find in-demand keywords for our videos?

Audio Recognition & Transcripts on YouTube:

  • In this section, you will learn about the new rule of youtube i.e 60 seconds rule

Video Comments’ Influence on Ranking:

  • The more comments, the better – or not?
  • How to increase the number of comments organically through our viewers?
  • How to get more likes and how to rank videos quickly?

Link Building:

  • Your YouTube videos need authority in order to rank well. Authority mainly comes from backlinks posted and embedded all over the internet. In this section, I will reveal three powerful strategies for more organic backlinks from Quora and other websites


  • A thumbnail makes or breaks your YouTube video. You will now become an expert in YouTube thumbnail creation.

Optimizing Your YouTube Channel: The are many ways to improve your YouTube channel, some are complex, others aren’t. In this section, you will learn how to optimize your YouTube channel so that people can find it more easily.


Keep in mind, always “The content is king“, the above-given strategies help you by bringing the audience to your video but your content should Engaging Viewers and Brining their attention, of course, all the above-given strategies help you to do that

Quality Content + SEO + Quality Back-links = YouTube Success

We hope you the way which we described here Youtube SEO 14 strategies you should care. According to us, this is the complete guide on Youtube SEO

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