Youtube SEO 2020: BackLinks building on Medium & How do I get the do-follow Backlinks from medium

In this article I would like to talk with you about backlinks building on Medium.


Before Reading This Article, have a look at  Backlinks building on Quora

What is Medium?

Medium is a blogging platform where you can put up blogs(create backlinks using blogs) completely for free it’s a way that you can create backlinks for your YouTube videos. And it’s a great way to build credibility for your YouTube videos because again it is important that you don’t just have your backlinks on one platform but actually lots and lots of different kinds of platforms.

Why this is important and how it works?

  • Because YouTube measures where traffic is coming from so what you could do is this you can, for instance, and write a blog same as an answer on Quora and then take these answers and publish them also as articles right here on medium
  • But there are other things that you can do right here on medium you can for instance start your own publication. You can send out emails to your followers which is basically considered a letter that is a great way (for backlinks) how you can also get to people’s email inboxes and make sure that they click from their computers which is Organic traffic
  • Then, of course, people click on them in their mail provider and traffic comes from all of these platforms so friends that it comes from Gmail it comes from yahoo it comes from Hotmail and all of these different kinds of providers which makes it very easy for YouTube to recognize that this is a video which has authority and important.
  • That’s why email marketing is also so important. That’s why you should send out your YouTube videos via email or to promote them
  • Also one great way to promote your YouTube videos is through a Facebook Messenger bot. That is one way that you could do that as well
  • But medium is an easy platform where you don’t have to put in a lot of work and where you create backlinks easily by using the answers that you already put up on Quora in multiple ways. Actually in four different ways you can send out the answers via an article you can send it out via story you can send out an email or you can basically create a publication and then create these articles inside your publication. 

So let’s get started

Steps to Create Backlinks on Medium

  • Well of course you got to sign up to medium and Create your account.
  • You can connect it for instance with your email account. You can connected with Google. You can connect it with your Facebook account for their account in a couple of other options. (choose one option among them)
  • So then what you want to do is you want to go up here on this little button and then you want to click right here on News story and as soon as you have clicked on a new story you can add the story here.


  • You can first of all at the title for instance what we could call this is let’s say easy ways to make money online. And then what you can do is you can take the answer so that you already have on Quora and you could put that up right here if you haven’t visited the last post that the last Article was about Quora. And I showed you in that Article how to promote your YouTube videos on Quora.
  • Because now you already got backlinks on Quora and what you want to do is you want to take these answers that you put up on Quora and you want to just copy them right here into the medium.
  • you can of course also customize your story right here by for instance you know making a bold or changing the size of the writing and for instance, in this case, it could be blogging and what we can also do is we can embed videos so we can, for instance, click on a video in the tell your story and we can just embed that right here.
  • So it says to paste the YouTube Vine Vimeo or other video link and press enter. So, for instance, we can add let’s say your video link) and then just hit enter. Now I’m not sure what is actually coming up.
  • So then it should actually show a YouTube channel or if this is a video it’s going to show the thumbnail of that video.
  • But it’s important that we understand that of course these YouTube videos can also be embedded and that the thumbnail is going to show up so it’s not like on Quora where you only, for instance, have let’s say the link but actually it’s going to show up as a video so people can click on the video right here on the medium.
  • They’re not redirected to the video on YouTube and they can watch it right here within your article. That’s a great way to build traffic for your YouTube videos and it’s an easy way to create backlinks because again the link is now embedded in mediums so when people click on the video YouTube recognizes that this click did not happen on YouTube it actually came from so you now get traffic from the medium you now get traffic on Quora you get traffic from Facebook maybe from Instagram and now YouTube recognizes.
  • This person actually generates a lot of traffic for his or her videos. These must be videos of authority so the youtube Ranks your video
  • Add some detailed description to this story and if you’re done with that article just click right here on publish and then this article is going to be published.
  • You can add keywords to this which I would recommend so for instance you could add let’s say the keyword to creating backlinks on medium then maybe creating backlinks. There we go then.
  • So let’s take something else to create backlinks on medium and then let’s say Youtube SEO: creating backlinks on medium and then when we’re done with that we just click right here on public now and then this article is going to be published. Super easy super quick.Very good way to build Backlinks.

  • Now that is one thing that you can do on here of course make sure that when you’re setting these attacks that these things are actually associated with what the article is all about. So that for instance in the long term people can actually still find this article. I still get traffic on my articles when I click right here on stats.

watch this video for more info:

More Features in the Medium

let’s have a look at a couple more things. There’s also something in here that is quite interesting which is, of course, these series. So these are the stories that we published here basically is very similar to an Instagram story or a Facebook story. You just click right here on creating a series and then you can add a story in here. You can add images to this and then you can tell a story for instance you could say an easy way to create backlinks on the medium is by blogging and then you can say and check out this video to learn more about create backlinks on medium.
And then you can for instance at your link right here example as shown above.This is going to be a YouTube video. This is gonna become a hyperlink and people will be able to click on it automatically so when people then receive this story they can click right here on YouTube link and then they’ll be redirected to YouTube and of course YouTube recognizes that this click came from the medium. So when you’re done with this just simply click up here on publish and then click publish right here and then this is gonna be published directly to everyone who is following you on this platform. Now of course if you don’t have a lot of followers then how can you get a lot of followers

How to Get Followers in Medium?

There is actually a super easy strategy for you in order to build a big following here on this platform so the only thing that I’m doing really is I’m following other people and these people are following me back. That’s the easiest way and moment to grow on this platform right here because around 1 out of 10 people are going to follow you back so for instance if you follow let’s say 100 people per day you’re going to add 10 followers to your following per day. So ten more people every single day are going to see this series. So that’s a super-easy way how to get into people’s you know basically viewfinder how they can how you can basically get into the vision and then of course they can click on these links right here. They will be redirected to YouTube and will be able to watch your videos. You’re going to make money with that because again ad revenue but also at the same time you’re going to build backlinks
All right
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