Youtube SEO 2020:How to Create an Eye-Catching Thumbnail Why You Need to Smile on Your Thumbnails

An eye-catching thumbnail will make or break your video

Youtube-SEO-2020-How-to-Create-an-Eye-Catching-Thumbnail-Why-You Need-to-Smile-on-Your-Thumbnails
  • I would like to show you how to create an amazing thumbnail we’re gonna cover four different points which I find very important.
  • If you want to set up your own thumbnails now of course you can also hire a design in order to do that. That is actually something that I recommend for everyone who doesn’t know how to design a thumbnail

How to do it?

They are always four rules that I tried to apply to every single thumbnail that I create and these are the rules.
  1. Show human emotions
  2. Bright colors
  3. Big writing, not more than 10 words
  4. Clean look

Show human emotions

  • People like to see emotions. If for instance you go on YouTube and you type in whatever keyword you want to make a video about let’s say making money online then you’re going to find a lot, people for instance with their open mouth or perhaps they are happy or they’re smiling or then you know they’re basically showing a lot of human emotions.

Why is this so compelling why do people want to click on those kinds of videos?

  • Well of course they want to know why someone is so, for instance, outraged about something or why they for instance a person is so happy about something else happening or why is this person you know maybe so sad about something happening so always use human emotions. That is a great way to get more attention to your thumbnails.
  • For instance, I always keep it simple. I always like the smiling at me I always like the smiling me on my thumbnails so I always make sure that I am smiling on every single thumbnail.

Bright colors

  • Of course, I would not use any kind of neon colors. There’s something that a lot of people think about like why shouldn’t I use neon colors. Well, I wouldn’t really recommend that because again it will at a certain point in time will make your YouTube thumbnails look a bit childish.
  • So please don’t overuse these kinds of colors or don’t use them at all like for instance if you want to use some bright colors don’t use neon colors
  • If you use bright colors don’t overuse them so, for instance, have like a black background and maybe some yellow writing that is actually one very easy way to just have some kind of balance between these colors.
  • So because if for instance, you’re only using bright colors no color is really going to stick out or it’s going to be you know the one that people pay attention to. But if for instance you have a black background and on top of that you have yellow writing then, of course, this color really stands out.

Big writing, not more than 10 words

  • Big writing, not more than ten words on your thumbnails like I see a lot of people that put a lot of words on the thumbnails and I wouldn’t really recommend you to do that. like don’t write more than 10 words which I actually think in most cases is too much.
  • I personally don’t ever write more than seven words on my thumbnail that is already two already enough I think.
  • So make sure that your writing is of course also big if, for instance, you’re unsure about that. Then you put the video on not listed and or in private and then have a look when you just see it in the normal motors mode.
  • Basically when you can see the thumbnail if, for instance, the thumbnail is on the average size that for instance it’s going to be on let’s say a desktop computer or a smartphone and you can still read what is being written or what is written on the thumbnail. Then of course that is a nice size for the writing on the thumbnail.

Clean look

  • Make sure that you have a clean look don’t try to overuse some kind of icon or some kind of photo on the image itself. Make sure that it has a very clean look to it for instance just use one kind of icon and one kind of image and one kind of writing.
  • Also, make sure that of course all of your thumbnails look similar. I wouldn’t really recommend using different kinds of thumbnails for every single video you can of course change things up but I always like that clean look to the thumbnails and people then know what to expect when they see these thumbnails.
  • Youtube has made a major change in 2019 and that change is actually related to smiling YouTube now uses an artificial intelligence and art to look at your YouTube thumbnails and determine whether you’re smiling or not smiling on your thumbnails and it’s not as simple as that. It’s not just analyzing whether you’re smiling or not smiling but actually it’s analyzing the emotions that you have.
  • So whether you look sad or happy or you know grumpy or something like that and then, of course, it’s going to basically you know give that video that tag that for instance you’re smiling or you’re not. Or maybe you are grumpy or something in between.

watch out this video for more info:

How exactly does YouTube then rank your videos?

  • I’m not 100 percent sure Youtube did not tell us how they’re going to change the ranking because of that or whether they are changing the ranking because of that. Now what I would recommend you to do is to smile. I know that perhaps you’re saying well but sometimes I don’t want a smile on my thumbnails. And that is absolutely okay.
  • But if it’s just about growing if you just want to make sure that your YouTube channel grows as quickly as possible then I would recommend you smiling or let’s say some very tense facial impressions, for instance, open your mouth or show emotions because that is something that YouTube really likes and that is also something that is just interesting or makes the thumbnail let’s say interesting so the people hopefully will click on it more often.
  • So I personally believe that of course there is nothing wrong about smiling or nothing that could then YouTube to say well we are not going to rank this video this highly. But maybe if you look angry or if you look unhappy on the video maybe YouTube is not going to rank this video as high.
  • I do not know Youtube did not tell us whether there is actually something like that in meaning for instance if there is no relation or if there is some kind of relation between the actual ranking of the video and your emotions on the thumbnail but I think smiling on the thumbnail is always a good way to help the YouTube algorithm to determine your video to be a video that gets recommended to other people because again YouTube wants to see happy faces.
  • They don’t want to see people crying or something like that. I am soon so just test it out if it works for you then of course we know hopefully that this is something that you know is helpful for your channel.
  • If it doesn’t work then we perhaps know that YouTube actually does not rank videos better just because you’re smiling on them. But I can just recommend you to use facial expressions quite a lot on your thumbnails because that is something that people like to click on people like human emotions and they want to know why you’re so surprised why you’re smiling so much or why perhaps you’re crying so all of these are emotions that people feel.
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