Youtube SEO 2020:Optimising Your Channel Description

In this article I could talk with you about optimizing your channel description.

  • Every single youtube channel has a description and most people don’t really do anything with that but I used to go to a YouTube Bootcamp and there was actually a YouTube Bootcamp by YouTube and in that Bootcamp, they told us that the channel description is much more important than you think 
  • Because if for instance someone is looking for your video and that’s the title of your channel behind that then of course what YouTube tries to do is they tried to match that search term, for instance, let’s say making money online with a term after that which is in this case, for instance, your youtube channels name. So how exactly can we make sure that our channel pops up when people look for a certain term. How can we make sure that people find our channel when they include the channel title in the search term that they are looking for directly on YouTube.
  • Well I want to have a look with you ant and basically like an example like a case study of a huge YouTube channel. This one is called unboxing therapy.
  • I think most of you probably know this channel. They have sixteen million-plus subscribers so it’s one of the biggest channels on YouTube and what they do and this is actually what I would recommend you to do is to, first of all, have one very simple tagline for instance.


  • It says right here where products get naked like very very simple tagline and afterward then here you will find a variety of videos showcasing the coolest products on the planet from the newest smartphone to some surprising gadgets and technology you never knew existed. It’s all here on unboxing therapy.

why exactly is it such a good description?

  • Well first of all in that description we have the keywords which are characterizing the channel and in this case those are for instance smartphone gadgets technology.
  • These other terms that people are looking for when they’re looking for this channel so when for instance people look for a smartphone then maybe a review or something like that or smartphone unboxing therapy they will basically end up at this channel.
  • So when they type in something like let’s say technology or the type in something like gadgets or something like that they’re probably going to end up somewhere here because again this channel is massive and has a lot of clicks on every single video.
  • It has a lot of social proof and of course, it has these terms in here so if, for instance, your channel is about making money online or if your channel is about let’s say happiness or if your channel is about leadership or whatever then try to include these terms(keywords) in your description but also make sure that you have a tag line like this on for instance right here and make sure that the name of your channel is also in the description because of course when people look for the name of a channel like let’s say unbox therapy.
  • YouTube tries to make sure that they match your channel with as many a channel will match the term with as many channels as possible that have exactly this term in them.
  • So lets for instance say people look for unbox therapy, then of course the only way YouTube will match you or match the person looking for the term with your channel is by looking at the channel name.
  • So sometimes people for instance will type in that name and there might be another channel which is almost which has almost the same name.
  • So you can of course differentiate yourself from the other channels by adding that term multiple times to your description.
  • So whenever people are looking for channels and type in your name then, of course, they are going to find you because the name of your channel is mentioned multiple times in your description and of course also it’s named once in the name of your channel so make sure that you actually add the name of your channel in the description.
  • This will make it easier for people who are looking for a certain channel to find you but also include terms in the video description which characterized your videos and that people might be looking for when they search for that term and perhaps also the name of your channel or just for the term.

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