YouTube SEO: Writing good description to rank our videos

YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos 2020 Writing a good description to rank our videos

In this article I would like to reveal a strategy that will help you to get your videos to rank better and also they will rank more quickly.


So what I want to do with you here in this video is I want to take the transcripts of the videos that we create and I want to turn that into an article and then we want to take that article and we want to put it in the video description off your video.

why should we do that?

why should we take the transcript Turn that into an article and then take the article and post that below in our video description? Well there are a couple of reasons for that.
  1. First of all of course everything that you say in the video will be there as a transcript which is good for instance for people who don’t want to watch the video or perhaps who just want to copy the text and read later on or you know maybe they want to do something with a text.
  2. you can get your videos to rank more quickly but also they will rank much better because if for instance you have a lot of keywords in what you’re saying and you turned that transcript into basically an article all of these keywords are going to be in there as well.
  3. So whenever you’re saying something all of that will be in the video description and what YouTube of course does is they try to match a search request with the content on YouTube and if for instance your video and everything connected with it
  4. So also the video description has more of that keyword. Your video will be much more likely to be recommended to someone who is interested in that topic.

how do we do that?

It’s actually very simple.
  1. First of all head to the video that we want to work on. So click on details and afterward then click on subtitles and what you want to do now is we want to go over here and we click on these three dots and afterward, then we want to download that transcript
  2. it’s basically the automatic transcript that YouTube creates for us. And now we want to download that.
  3.  But when do we download it  And we tried to open it. It will probably not open. you need a special program in order to do that.
  4. So what can we do in order to get this transcript to be an article like text that you know we don’t necessarily have to edit?
  5. So there is actually a very simple strategy for that because if you just look at the transcript and we can look at this in the classic studio then, of course, it looks basically like that.
  6. It’s not an article it’s just you know these lines right here. And of course, we cannot really do anything with that

How can we take Transcprit and turn that into an article?

Well it’s very simple.
  • We head over to this platform right here called well basically subtitled tools and then convert subtitles to plain text and what we do again is we download this right here we download this file which is an SPV file
  • Here we click right here on upload file and we’re going to upload this file right here called captions and then click on open and afterward, then we’re going to convert this to ATX t file click on convert and then we go It is already downloading this file down here afterward.
  • Then what you gonna do is you just go to open this file and there will be a complete text in it. Sometimes you have to do a little bit of work on it but you can take that file and you can just plug it into your description and then there we go
  • We have a finished article that will be in your description all the keywords that you’re saying will be in there and hopefully, then your video is going to rank a lot better and hopefully also much more quickly.
All right.
That was it not here for this article.
Thank you so so much for reading and I hope we can see each other in the next one.


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