Youtube SEO:How to Let Viewers Leave More Comments on your video

Youtube SEO: How to Let Viewers Leave More Comments on your video

So what are some of the best ways to get more comments on your video? I want to talk with you about that topic here now in this article

  • So first of all of course the more comments the better YouTube ranks videos with a lot of comments better than videos with very few comments.
  • Now there’s actually a very simple correlation between the amount or the number of comments and the ranking and it is actually linear.
  • The more comments you have the better and that’s why we’re going to focus on comments on how exactly can we get people to leave more comments.
  • That was first for instance for me as I start my first YouTube channel a huge struggle. I did not know how I got people or how I can get people to leave comments because most people are maybe a bit lazy they just want to watch the video but they don’t want to comment and if they comment they probably only leave one comment and not two and not three and not four…

How can we get people to leave more comments?

  1. Giveaways
  2. Ask Questions for the next Q&A video
  3. Ask for opinions
  4. Say that every comment helps the video


  • Well, the first thing that we got to do this week for instance we can run a giveaway. What I always do is for instance I say well if you leave a comment you’re going to enter the giveaway. If you leave more than one comment you of course have a higher chance to become the one that actually wins the giveaway. So people are then going to spend the comment section with a lot of comments and that, of course, is an easy way to grow.
  • I would not recommend you let for instance someone else comment on your videos and you pay them for that. Don’t do that like for instance there are probably companies out there where you can buy let’s say 10000 comes of some like that. These are most cases not organic comments so don’t do that. These are bots and probably you’re going gonna get your YouTube channel banned then but if these are organic comments of people that really commented from their own computer then of course this is a great way to grow.
  • So what I do again is I do a giveaway and for instance, I give away like one coaching hour or let’s say an online course or a book or something like that and I say well if you leave a comment you’re going to enter that giveaway. If you leave more than one comment of course the likelihood that I’m going to pick you is going to be higher and then I explain to people how I get to or will this and how I find that person that I’m going to give this free thing to and I show them that I’m just going to scroll through the comments and randomly I’m going to pick one person. So if you leave more than one comment you’re much more likely to actually win and this of course is enough motivation for people to leave. Let’s say 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 of 50 common some sometimes in a single day.

Ask Questions for the next Q&A video

  • So, for instance, I always say that I’m preparing a Q&A video and if you want to ask me questions and I’m going to mention your name I would give you a shout out and I’m going to answer your questions then please put your question in the Q&A section.
  • So basically this is an easy way for my channel to grow because I can then tell people if you leave a question I’m not just gonna give you shoutout but actually, I’m going to also answer the question for you especially if you, for instance, have a bigger channel and people really want to shout out of their own channel then this would be an easy way how to grow a channel because you’re going to get more comments and more people that are then going to watch your next video as well because they are waiting for you to answer their question.

Ask for opinions

This is an easy one too
  • For instance, what I always do is I don’t necessarily ask for opinions on things that are related to my channel. In most cases which may sound a bit counter-intuitive I sometimes for instance say well like for instance will be on the train tomorrow for a couple of hours. If you know if for instance, you know you want me to record you want to recommend some music to me then please comment. For instance, if you make a video and then at the end I know that tomorrow I’m going to travel. Then I tell people all right I’m gonna travel tomorrow I’m gonna be in a train for let’s say three-four hours why don’t you leave a comment with some music and I’m going to create a playlist because I’m going to listen to your music and then, for instance, people are going to leave one comment and maybe they’re going to leave a second one because they want me to listen to other things and the same thing applies to movies the same thing applies to other YouTube us and so on and so on. That is an easy way to again generate more comments

watch the video below for more info:

Say that every comment helps the video

  • Be honest about why you’re doing this. So I discovered that honesty is incredibly important on YouTube like there are a lot of people that are not honest on YouTube and that’s why I would recommend you to be exactly not that and, to be honest.
  • So my kids for instance I say Well of course this YouTube video is gonna be shown to more people. If you leave a comment so please leave a comment on this video and then a lot of people do this because they for instance appreciate the content that I put out and they want to help the channel. So be honest in your approach and people will definitely then leave a couple more comments and will help your channel to grow even further.
  • So these were the strategies doing a giveaway asking questions for the next few in a video ask for opinions most of the time not necessarily related to the video but like very normal spontaneous things and then of course them before say that every comment helps the video.
All right
Thank you so much for reading and I hope we can see each other in the next one.


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